StarForge Coaches Announced

We’re proud to reveal the two official coaches for our StarForge Teams!

Leading Team fire we have the legendary Forg1ven. He should need no introduction, but make sure to check out his liquipedia to find out more about his achievements (or his actual, very real, own wikipedia article). Team Fire is all about explosive energy, flashy outplays & big emotions: Forg1ven is the incarnation of all of the above. Watch out, future contestants, if you end up on his team you’ll be in for a great, but rough few weeks in StarForge!

On the other hand, we have the cool, slick and strategic Team Void, headed by none other than Unlimited. Not without his own pages, Unlimited is a great contrast compared to Team Fire – you should expect mental games, coolheaded plays and a slow and steady path to victory from him and his team. Play it clean to impress him!