The World's 1st Live Interactive Esports Reality Show

10 up-and-coming League of Legends competitors face off in an 6 week long trial that will challenge their in-game mastery, physical skills and charisma to determine which one of them will become the next StarForge Champion.

WTF is Starforge?

StarForge aims to bring interactive media to the next level & to put the backstage reality of esport teams on the front row. Join aspiring League of Legends stars on their journey to grow into the next big esports names.


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Grand Prize


The Coaches

Team Fire


The aggressive AD Carry known for his high mechanical skill and dominant performances in the LEC. With a LEC MVP award and top finishes for teams like H2k-Gaming and SK Gaming, he solidified himself as one of Europe's elite. Known for his fiery personality and relentless drive to win, Forg1ven has left lasting impact on the competitive League of Legends scene.

Team Void


This familiar face in the League of Legends esports world brings a keen eye for strategy and a track record of success, including time as Coach for Excel & SK Gaming. He brings a unique combination of skill, experience, and poise to the table. Expect a cool, calm & collected approach to strategy, which will push his team towards victory.

Season 1

team Fire

Season 1

The first ever international season of StarForge ran live almost every day from March 26 until its Grand Finale on May 7, 2023. With 10 participants representing different countries from all over Eastern Europe, the participants faced off in wildly varying challenges and competitions. Showing growth of almost 10 times versus the pilot season, StarForge is poised to share even more stories in the future.

International Season 1 Players


General Questions

What is StarForge? Why is it different?

StarForge is a new type of live entertainment for the gaming audience that uses modern platforms and tech to turn reality TV into something worthy of their attention. This show is uses a plethora of audience interaction in order to co-create the format together with its viewers

When will StarForge happen?

Coming to your Twitch.TV from the 26th of March, 2023 and airing almost every day up until the 7th of May, 2023!

From which countries will StarForge feature participants?

We are accepting applicants from Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland, Greece, Romania, Hungary, Latvia, Serbia, Lithuania, Slovakia. If you have any history with any of those countries, send us an application. For everyone else: we have plans to expand in the future seasons!

Where will the show be hosted?

The show, studio and contestants will be housed in Sofia, Bulgaria for the duration of the show. Expect high-end sleeping arrangements and top-notch internet speeds aside from the limitless sight-seeing opportunities and hip nightlife (once the cameras turn off)!

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